Guest Posting Guidelines

OthFit is an authoritative website focused on health and fitness for adults. We publish and share factual and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics for this audience. If you would like to write for us we are always looking for more writers.

We are we looking for articles that …

  • are your own original, unique, high-quality and helpful content.
  • are well written, edited and formatted. (Using headings and lists to increase readability will greatly increase the odds your submission is accepted.)
  • are relevant to our audience and members.
  • have properly attributed stats, quotes, and outside data. This can include links to relevant content on your website if not abused.
  • are long enough to successfully convey the message. We don’t have a formal word count requirement but don’t hold back or pad the content.

We are not looking for articles that …

  • have excessive or promotional outbound links.
  • are overly promotional or spammy.
  • include affiliate or marketing links or promotions.
  • are offensive, exclusionary, political, or inaccurate.

Disclosure Requirement

If you are in any way affiliated with an individual, company, service, or product that you mention in your article you must disclose this up front in your article.

How to submit a guest article:

  • Send an email to with the subject line GUEST POST.
  • Briefly, describe the article you would like to submit, some information about yourself, and any other information you think is relevant.
  • (Optional) Attach the article as a word document and attach any images separately.  Use the highest quality images you have available. We will optimize them if the article is accepted.

What happens after you submit your article:

  • We will review that article as quickly as possible. Normally this is within a couple business days.
  • We will then contact you and let you know if the submission was accepted or not.
  • If there are necessary revisions we will request you to make them.
  • After your submission is accepted we will let you know when it will be published.

Note: We may add additional links to our resources either before or after publishing the article.

The small text:

By submitting an article, you are granting OthFit an exclusive lifetime license to publish, edit and distribute the article in full or in part as we see fit. You may publish excerpts on your own sites but you may not republish it in full anywhere else.