Contact Us

If you have come here you most likely know who we are. In case you don’t we are Summer and Bill Ludwig and we run Over the Hill Fitness. Our goal is to help people get into shape and stay that way. If you want to learn more head over to our About page.

Most likely you are wanting to find out how to get in touch with us. Lucky for you we are really easy to find. We did remove the contact form here in favor of having you email us directly or find us on social media. Reaching out to us on Twitter will usually get you the fastest response. Otherwise email is your best bet.

Guest Posting

Looking for a guest posting opportunities? We are always willing to discuss hosting your high quality content. We won’t ever charge anything but we do have some requirements. To learn more check out the rules and expectations.

Press / Media

It has been suggested that we mention that we are in fact, press and media friendly. If you are the press and/or media and you would like to talk we would be very happy to indulge you.