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My Favorite Health & Fitness Podcasts

I listen to A LOT of podcasts. No really, I currently subscribe to 63 podcasts and I’ll probably add more before the end of the week. There are so many great health can fitness podcasts out there. To be able to access them all, I installed Pocket Casts (I love it and highly recommend it) on December 20th, 2018. Since then, I have listened to 138 hours of podcasts and that doesn’t count the 68 hours that I have saved by speeding up and skipping.

In my newsletter, I share my favorite episode from the last week. As I was putting together the finishing touches for this weeks newsletter it occurred to me that I have never shared my favorite podcasts. Of course, not all of those 63 are health and fitness podcasts, but a lot of them are. Below are my favorite health and fitness podcasts for 2019.

Health and Fitness Podcasts In Alphabetical Order

40+ Fitness

This is one of my favorite weekly podcasts and I almost never skip an episode. The focus is on actionable health and fitness information for active adults. Allan has great insight and always seems to find the best interviews.

Bulletproof Radio

This is a fantastic podcast if you are interested in the keto diet, biohacking, maximizing performance, and extending your lifespan. I will admit that I skip a fair number of episodes but the ones I listen to are wonderful.

Clean Eating Dirty Sex

This podcast is by Lisa Davis (@healthmediagal1) who I really like so I might be a bit biased. She covers health, nutrition, relationships, and sex in a super positive and healthy way.

Everyday Wellness

I just recently added this one to my playlist and I really like it. Hosted by Cynthia Thurlow (@CHTWellness) and Dr. Kelly Forys Donahue they cover health and wellness in a fun and approachable manner.

Harder to Kill Radio

This is only of my favorite podcasts and I listen to every single episode. Steph Gaudreau (@steph_gaudreau) covers everything in health and fitness and gets amazing interviews. What I love most is how open and honest the show can be about tough subjects.

Industrial Strength Show

Joe DeFranco (@DeFrancosGym) is a legendary fitness trainer and his podcast is my go to source for strength and performance guidance. If you are looking to improve in the gym there isn’t a podcast that I know about that is better.

The Joe Rogan Experience

I almost didn’t include this podcast for a single reason, I can’t keep up. Even at 1.7x speed there aren’t enough hours in the day. Still, no one has better guests or does better interviews than Joe Rogan. Every interview is great and never regret the time I spend listening.

Mind Pump

I love this podcast and never skip an episode. The hosts are amazing and they cover a wide array of topics. With all the fluff and nonsense in the health and nutrition space these guys are a refreshing change of pace. I will warn you that the topics and language can get a bit rough.

Primal Blueprint

Mark Sission is best known for keto/primal diet and ancestral health and this podcast is all of that and more. This podcast has some really interesting interviews that I really enjoy for their unique perspective. The host Elle Russ (@_elleruss) is friendly and does a great job.

Health and Fitness Podcasts Honorable Mentions

These podcasts look promising but I haven’t listened enough to be able to recommend them yet. For the most part, these were suggested to me by friends on Twitter that I trust. Based on that I am going to include them here because they are most likely worth looking into. Let me know what you think of them.

20 Minute Fitness

I just started listening to this podcast and it is good so far. They cover a lot of different health and fitness topics and each episode is only 20 minutes long which is the perfect length.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

I have only listened to a couple episodes but already feel like I know the hosts. They seem like real people talking about their real life experiences. Kind of like if The View as a health and wellness show. I’m going to listen a bit longer but I won’t be surprised if I binge the whole backlog.

The Model Health Show

This podcast was recommended by my friend Emily Adams (@plankingtrvlr) who we interviewed a while back. You should check out the interview. I have only listened to one episode but it looks super promising. I’ll update this when I know more.

The School of Greatness

Cynthia Thurlow (Check out her podcast above) recommended this podcast to me and so far I really like it. It is by Lewis Howes and is all about improving your life in every way. It is super positive and inspiring.

What Health and Fitness Podcasts Did I Miss?

There are a lot of podcasts out there in the health and wellness space so I know I missed some great ones. Please feel free to use the comments section to recommend your favorites. If you have a podcast feel free to link to it as well. I’ll try them out and if I really like them I’ll update the post to include them.

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