Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers for 2020

Every year we put together a list featuring our favorite social media accounts for health and fitness news. The goal of these lists isn’t to give more exposure to high profile fitness celebrities and Instagram models. We want to shine the spotlight on real people who share incredible advice and inspiration through their social media accounts.

Since we put out our 2019 list we have gotten a lot more familiar with the health and fitness social media scene. So if you compare this list with the last one there are a lot of changes. We think everyone from the 2019 list is amazing, but we had many more great accounts to consider this year. As always you can follow this list directly on Twitter if you would like.

Abel James
Alexander Danes@vincentninja68
Amy Berger
Andreas Eenfeldt, MD
Andrew Miles
Angela Bekkala
Barry Pearson@BarryCPearson
Beth Frates, MD
Beth Trueman
Cari Draft
Carly Snyder, MD
Cat Storey
Chad K@4SideFitness
Charles Jay Azeltine
Chris (The Primal Man)
Chris S. Cornell @BiggestComeback
Chris Tauber
Christina Dragani@CristinaDragani
Cian Foley
Cynthia Thurlow, NP
Dave Feldman
David Diamon@LDLSkeptic
Deborah Brooks
Denise McDermott MD
Dr. Andy Phung
Dr. Aseem Malhotra @DrAseemMalhotra
Dr. David Unwin@lowcarbGP
Dr. Jason Fung
Dr. Jen Gunter
Dr. Paul Mason@DrPaulMason
Dr. Shawn Baker
Dr. Tro
Elle Linton
Ewa Goszcynska
Gary Fettke
Gary Taubes
Georgina Spenceley
Ivor Cummins
Jack Coulson
Jake Mey, PhD, RD@CakeNutrition
Jason Helmes
Jen Sinkler
Jerry Teixeira
Jill Gardner
Josiah Novak@josiahfitness
Kathleen Trotter
Kelly Olexa
Kelly Roberts
Kelly Starrett
Kevin Bass, MS
Laurens Poelsma@laurenspoelsma
Layne Norton, PhD@BioLayne
Lea Genders
Lisa Davis, MPH
Lori Shemek, PhD
Mark Sisson
Marley Doyle, MD
Marty Kendall
Matt McLaughlin
Matt Stephens
Matthew Johnson@Mattvjohnson
Melissa Kahn
Mike Burgener@coachburgener
Mitch Heaslip
Molly Galbraith
Nia Shanks
Nicole Drinkwater
Nina Teicholz
Pamela Hernandez
Prof. Grant Schofield
Raphael Sirtoli@raphaels7
Rob W. James
Sarah Harradine
Shane Fitzgerald@FitzgeraldSTA
Steph Gaudreau
Steven Horwitz, D.C.
Tara Stiles
Ted Naiman
Tell Quint
Tim Hacker@timhakr
Tim Noakes
Tina Haupert
Tina Kanter@mediagurlruns
Tony Manci M.S.@fitmslax
Travis Statham
Valerie, RD, MPH@RDValerie
Vinnie Tortorich
Wendy Irlbeck, MS, RDN
Will Newton
Zach Even-Esh
Zach Homol

Community Contributors

We reached out to our social media community and asked them to nominate their favorite health and fitness influencers and they really came through. Many of the people on this years list were highly recommended. We would like to thank everyone who nominated someone. In no particular order:

Thanks For Checking Out Our List!

I want to stress that this list is extremely subjective and there were a lot more people on our initial list than we could include. Eventually we had to stop and take the top 100 off the list and call it good. If you feel like we forgot someone please leave their name and Twitter handle in the comments below.

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  • Sky King

    You’re missing one of the Godfathers of the LCHF movement along with Dr. Atkins. That would be Dr. Mike Eades ( @DrEades ). He, of “Protein Power” fame which is the book he wrote back in the mid-90s. There are a few others you’re missing, but no list is complete without him being listed. PD Mangan, as mentioned in another comment, is another.

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