Since starting our fitness journey we have collected a large number of great resources. Instead of hoarding them in our browser bookmarks we figured we should share them with you. If you have any great resources please let us know and we will happily include them.

Health & Fitness Resources

Health Research

Fitness Books

Here are our top 5 health and fitness books that we would recommend to anyone. All links below are affiliate links to Amazon.

Other Fitness Books We Recommend

Blogger Resources


  • We are hosted on WP Engine (not an affiliate link) and Love it. I wouldn’t use anything else for dedicated WordPress hosting.
  • We have also had great success with BlueHost (affiliate) and can also recommend them as well.

WordPress Theme

We are using Ashe Pro (affiliate link) and really like it. They have a free version that we used when we launched. We liked it enough that it was worth paying to upgrade to the Pro version. One of the best WordPress themes we have tried and the first one we have ever paid for.


We use Mailchimp (not an affiliate link) and are still on the free plan. When we grow too large for that we might take a while to evaluate our options. For now it does everything we could want and it’s free.

Graphics Editing

Currently we are using Adobe Spark. It’s not free and it isn’t the most powerful but it is very good at making simple graphics fast. All of the post and Pinterest images you see on this site are made with it.

Here are some good alternatives to try out (No Affiliate Links).