Contribute is a heath and fitness blog for middle age and older adults. We are always looking for high quality, informative content. If you are a health and/or fitness expert with something to share with our audience we would love to have you contribute.

Submission Guidelines

  • Relevant – All submissions need to be of interest to middle aged adults looking to improve their health and fitness.
  • Original – Each submission must be you own original work, and must not be published elsewhere previously.
  • Well Researched – Each post must be well researched and authoritative. Include references & citations as necessary.
  • 1000+ Words – Each post needs to be long enough to go into detail on the topic. Shorter posts may be considered but only if they are very high quality.
  • Well Written – We may edit the contribution if it is accepted but articles need to be as ready to publish as possible.
  • Non Promotional – Articles submitted must be informative and actionable, not sales pitches. Avoid using specific brand or product names. If you would like to advertise please contact us about our rates.
  • Link Free – Articles need to be as link free as possible. We strongly prefer that there are no links besides reference links.

The Basic Agreement

  • As the Author you hold the copyright and authorship credit and agree not to publish the article anywhere else.
  • As the publisher we hold the exclusive, non-revocable, license allowing us to publish, copy, modify, and syndicate the article as we see fit.

Our Simple 5 Step Editorial Process

Use our contact form to reach out and pitch your article.

  • Feel free to include either a summary or outline in the message.
  • Do NOT include the article in the message
  • Include links to your website and social media accounts.
  • We will reply back to you as quickly as possible, typically the next business day, letting you know if we are interested.
  • We will attempt to let you know if a submission will not be approved and why as our schedule allows

Include a link to your article on Google Docs for editorial review.

  • Work with our editor to finalize the article.
  • Don’t worry about formatting the article. It will be converted to plain text before publishing.
  • Any links that belong in the article can be included in the document inside parenthesis (like so).
  • Provide links in the document to any additional media (Video, Images, etc).

Provide us an author bio.

  • A paragraph worth of text (think Tweet length) about you and your background.
  • A picture of yourself. We use so make sure that we have the correct email address to use.
  • A link to your website. If you have a separate company or organization website we can link that in the bio.
  • Social media links for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram if you have them.

Once approved we will let you know when the article will be published and promoted.

  • We will try and provide you with a preview of the article before it is published when possible.
  • Planned published date is always subject to change.