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Best Yoga Channels for Beginners

A lot of people are intimidated at the thought of learning yoga. I can totally relate because I was the same way a couple years ago. When you add in the anxiety of doing something new in a public class it is understandable why so many people never take up yoga.

Running With Shin Splints

Have you ever experienced shin splints while running? If you have then you know how painful and frustrating they are.

15 Strength Training Tips After 40

As my son loves to remind me, I am now in my “late-30s”. I am also a woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), diabetes, and some other health issues. Through working with my doctors and tons of research, I found that strength training (in conjunction with a healthful diet) provided me with the greatest success in weight loss, increased energy, pain relief, and decreases in health symptoms.