The Billie Razor: An Objective Review

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and along with some other symptoms, I am extremely hairy. The hairs on my legs are seriously thick, black, and grow faster than I can keep them at bay. My underarms quickly turn into prickly patches of razor-resistant craziness, and I don’t even want to get started on my bikini line!

That’s why I was so excited to see the ads and to read the reviews for the Billie razor. Not only did they feature real-looking women with real-looking hair, but they claimed to excel at taming a wild bush. That was exactly what I needed!

The website was easy to navigate, there is a selection of handle colors to choose from, and you can add on shave cream, body lotion, and body wash if you want to. The ordering process was painless and I was soon waiting for the delivery of the smoothest legs I’ve ever had for a great price, $9!

The package arrived in a cute box. The razor was in a sealed bag and there was another smaller bag with the extra blade and the magnetic holder and sticky stuff to hang it. It also came with extra sticky stuff which is pretty awesome.

I was so excited to try it I stripped down right then and jumped in the shower. Now, to be clear, I did not purchase any of the other products, just the razor. I used my normal shave cream which has always been great for me. I was using the Wal-Greens store brand 5 blade razor previous to trying the Billie. It does the job but I just felt that I was missing the luxuriousness that I had previously from much more expensive razors, like the top-of-the-line Venus blades.

Right away I was disappointed with the Billie. It was super light and the handle was hard to grip because the plastic was slippery. I kept going though and shaved my legs, armpits, and the happy trail that grows long and black on my stomach (Yay PCOS!).

The shave did not feel at all luxurious, it felt like using a dull blade. The razor pulled at my skin, and I continued to have trouble maneuvering it because of its lack of a real grip and how very light it was.

After my shower, I immediately smoothed on my most moisturizing lotion because my legs were itchy and kind of stung. As I was putting on the lotion I could feel that I had not achieved a close shave. My skin was not smooth, it was quite a bit more stubbly than using my store-brand razor.

All in all, I was super disappointed with the Billie and have canceled my membership in their auto-ship service. The one thing that I did love about the razor was the magnetic holder. I hope that other manufacturers adopt that little marvel. It stays really well and it’s kind of fun to use.

Unfortunately, although I really wanted to love the Billie, I do not recommend it. For women who don’t have such thick or plentiful hair to hack through, it may work wonders. It has great reviews, but it’s a solid “No” for me.

I will continue on in my quest to find an affordable, amazing shave. If you have any products that you recommend, let me know!

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