Weekly Blog Roundup – July 11, 2020

We’re bringing back our weekly blog round-up! It will be a small collection of posts, recipes, videos, and stories from around the internet that we loved throughout the week. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Why Obesity, Hunger, and Malnutrition are Found Together in the Same People

Dr. Mark Hyman teams up with Chef Tom Colicchio to tackle some of the biggest topics around food policy in the United States. They discuss the food insecurity that is soaring in this time of Coronavirus with high unemployment, including how government programs intended to help with that issue may make public health worse.

This video is Episode 125 in The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Hyman’s podcast that is “an upbeat look at solutions for the largest problems of our time, Dr. Hyman interviews experts in all-things-wellness, regenerative agriculture, social and environmental activism, meditation and mindfulness, movement, and so much more.”

Chef Tom Colicchio also has a podcast Citizen Chef with Tom Colicchio that you should definitely check out as well.

Fun and Cool Summer Fashion

I literally live in the desert in New Mexico, it is HOT, especially this summer. That’s why I was really glad to see 20 Summer Dresses and Coverups I’m Loving from The Fitnessista this week. I need beautiful but breezy!

She models (beautifully, of course) casual and date night dresses, as well as swimwear coverups so all of your bases will be covered! Plus I’ve already picked the perfect dress for my husband, Bill’s upcoming bday party from her list!

*Note – my post isn’t sponsored but I did use HER affiliate link because I loved her post so much! If you like this dress I encourage you to use it too. 🙂

Gym Safety During Covid

This week Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple was asked if it’s safe to return to the gym now that they are opening. As always, his response was thorough, well researched, and one I wanted to share.

In Dear Mark: My Gym is Open, Is It Safe to Go? he outlines all of the considerations that one should take before jumping back into a gym routine. I really appreciated his measured response, taking into account regional variations of the Covid outbreak as well as many things I honestly hadn’t thought of myself.

Bill and I have not ventured back to our gym. It has recently reopened; however, our cases have also recently started increasing, especially in our county and our small village. Mark’s very complete rundown on how to stay safe, what equipment to use and look for, ventilation systems, gym styles, even when to go makes tons of sense and when I do feel safe going back I will certainly use this post as a guide.

I encourage everyone to bookmark Mark’s post and really read it and then put his suggestions into use. It may feel weird asking your gym about how often they change the filters on their ventilation system but honestly, this is where we are right now and nothing is more important that our health.

Low Carb Yumminess

This week Ashley Lall brought us 5 Low-Carb Dessert Recipes That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth. Ashley’s post can be found over on which is a wonderful source for nutrition information, especially for busy moms!

Ashley’s recipes include an absolutely beautiful dark chocolate raspberry bark that only has 2 ingredients! Make sure you click through to her recipe below because how good does this look?

Always Chasing Better Squats…

Finally this week, Nia Shanks brought us A Simple Warm-up to Help You Squat Lower. I have always struggled a bit with proper form when squatting and when Bill tweeted this out, I knew he was sending it straight to me, lol.

Honestly, this warm-up was super helpful, I have tried several different techniques and this one is simple but it really works! Check it out and see what you think.

That’s it for this week, there was a lot more awesome content that we’ve shared on Twitter and Pinterest so make sure that you’re following us there as well so you don’t miss out!

Let us know if the comments or on social media what good things you came across this week, we love hearing from you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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