Blog Roundup August 1, 2020

Welcome to this week’s blog roundup. It seems both unreal that it’s already August and like 2020 has lasted forever. I’ve had a busy week getting our youngest, and the only child still at home, ready to start high school.

This week was one full of great wellness content, it was hard to narrow it down for the blog roundup. I did it though! Here are some of the best posts, videos, and recipes from this week.

7 Tips to Fix Knee Pain From Single-Leg Exercises

Nia Shanks is always bringing great, straight-forward, accurate information. That’s what I love about her. I know that I can trust her advice and I can be confident including her posts in our blog roundup.

One of the things that I struggle with is doing single-leg exercises. I have a particular spot in each knee that hurts when I do them and it leaves me feeling nervous and unsure.

The tips in this article are easy to follow and they really helped. If you need some pointers on helping with knee pain when doing single-leg exercises, you need to read this!

The Connection Between Sexual Abuse and Weight Gain

This week I wrote about the link between sexual abuse and trauma and future weight gain and health issues. We explored what science has found and ways to overcome and find a healthy way forward.

This post includes some discussion of sexual abuse and is personal in nature so please be aware of that before reading.

Integral Yoga: A Fully Integrated Yoga Path

I have practiced yoga for 18 years and it’s a huge part of my life, it impacts everything I do so this article by Rose Hahn really spoke to me. She does an amazing job of explaining the different paths of yoga and what it means to be on a truly integrated path.

I know that sometimes I get a bit disillusioned with yoga as it is presented in our Western world, as mostly a way to exercise, and we leave out the majority of what it truly is. I thought that Rose’s piece really calls us to explore all of the parts of yoga and incorporate them into our lives.

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins – Vegan & Gluten-Free

I saw these muffins from Capri Lilly of Good Food Baddie, and couldn’t believe how moist and yummy they looked. So I ran to the market for the ingredients yesterday evening so I could make them as a treat for my family this morning.

My strict keto diet means my family eats mostly keto since I don’t want to cook completely different meals. I also make them healthy, non-keto foods, especially on the weekends. I love baking and I’m honestly not a fan of keto-friendly baking. Capri Lilly has never disappointed with her healthy recipes and that’s why she’s a frequent flyer in our blog roundup!

They were not difficult to make and my 14-year old son loved them. You definitely need to give them a try!

What is Low Carb, or Keto Flu? And Ways to Beat It

When you first start on a low-carb or keto diet, it takes a little time for your body to adjust. During this time, around 4-7 days, you may experience what some people call the “keto flu”. It’s not a pleasant experience. In this article, Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple, explains what it is and gives great advice to make getting past it a lot easier.

Trust me, once you get over the “keto flu” hurdle, you’ll feel so much better, have more energy, be burning fat efficiently, losing weight, and be overall healthier so it’ll definitely be worth it.

31 Great Beginner Workouts You Can Do at Home

Little Steps, Big Happy has put together a wonderful resource of workouts that can be done from the comfort of home. This is especially great if you are unable to get to the gym right now.

This video from PopSugar is included on their list!

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