Blog Roundup August 9, 2020

This week’s blog roundup is a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. (ha ha) I’ve had a multi-day migraine that has hung on despite my best efforts most of this week. Our son started high school, online for the first 9 weeks at least, and that was an experience. So, it’s been a week of mostly falling behind in everything!

Thankfully, everyone else was on top of things and there was a ton of great content, as usual, making this week’s Blog Roundup pretty easy to put together. The only hard part is narrowing down what to include! So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Doctor Lifestyle Changes & Carnivorism with Philip Ovadia

This was by far my favorite podcast episode this week. It was from the always great, Vinnie Tortorich. I try and catch each episode of his podcast, and have enjoyed all of them.

This week he had Dr. Philip Ovadia as his guest and he was truly great to listen to and learn from. Dr. Ovadia is a cardiothoracic surgeon who found low-carb, then keto, then carnivore ways of eating through his own research.

Vinnie and Dr. Ovadia discussed a wide range of topics from “cardiothoracic medicine, doctor lifestyle changes, carnivorism, medical school training (or lack thereof), COVID-19 from a lung perspective, statins, metabolic disease and more”.

What I really took away from this episode was the acknowledgement that I was on the right path from my health. When I found keto, through my own research, I was so sick. I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for over two and a half years now and I’m healthier than I ever have been.

Prior to keto, none of my doctors really mentioned a lifestyle change other than losing weight could help with my symptoms. They didn’t give me any advice or assistance with it. When I took that piece of my health into my own hands, I changed almost everything about my wellness. Lifestyle changes before medical interventions or along with medical interventions can be life changing or even life saving!

Summer Vegetable Casserole

This week’s healthy recipe for our Blog Roundup comes from Katrina with GF Veg. She has brought us a delicious Summer Vegetable Casserole. It is loaded with the most delicious summer veggies like tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and onions and topped with Gruyere cheese. This is a recipe you have to try!

Blog Roundup Recipe Summer Vegetable Casserole

Life After Cancer Treatments: A New ‘Normal’

One of my favorite blogs to keep up with is Pink Ribbon Runner written and ran by Patricia Prince. She survived breast cancer, and the treatments for it and then she ran, and she continues to run. She is working towards her Health Coaching Certificate and would like to be a Cancer Coach to help other people through cancer and to find wellness after treatment.

I have never had cancer but I find her writing and her journey compelling and her advice on exercise and running works very well for me as someone with a chronic illness and chronic pain. I recommend her blog and this article in particular to everyone, not just cancer survivors. That’s why I have included her post in this week’s Blog Roundup, make sure you don’t miss it!

Breathwork Series: Intro to Breathwork

I encourage each of you to head on over to Buddhabelly and read Jen‘s amazing introduction to Breathwork. If you have never heard of breathwork or you haven’t really practiced it, then you really should give it a try.

Even if you are somewhat experienced with it, her post is a great read. I always think it’s good to brush up on the basics and seeing things from other’s perspectives is a good way to do so.

Jen is a certified Breathwork facilitator and she does a wonderful job of explaining what it is, what the benefits of breathwork are, and how to start. I have personal experience using breathwork to help manage my anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and chronic pain. I wanted to include Jen’s post in my Blog Roundup this week because I think it’s so important!

30 Minute Barre Wild Card Workout

This workout is from Fitnessista and is pretty intense but I thought it was really fun. The great thing is that she included lots of ways you can adjust for beginners or low-impact needs. I hadn’t done a barre workout video before but I think I will try and find some more! I included this one in the Blog Roundup because I truly enjoyed it and afterwards I felt like I had more energy and had had a really good workout!

That does it for this week’s Blog Roundup, thank you so much for reading and I hope that this next week is a great one for each of you!


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