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2019 New Years Blogging Resolutions

2019 is right around the corner and we are super excited. We published our first post on OthFit way back on September 18th. Since then we have seen slow and steady growth but we want to knock it out of the park in 2019.

2018 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide Roundup

Do you know what it's like to struggle with good gift ideas? It sucks. Now that almost everyone I buy for is an adult it's just getting harder. Luckily many of my friends and family are into fitness.

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Hello everyone. As you know is still pretty new and we are still looking for additional ways to connect with our audience. Well, I just wanted to announce that we have recently joined the BlogLovin platform.


I always love this time of year. Really, the days between October 31st and February 15th are what I live for. When the weather gets colder and the sky looks sharper I start feeling different inside. Memories of childhood at my grandparents’ farm, falling in love with my husband when we started dating, playing the leaves with our children were all made during the fall and winter and I cherish them.

2018 Christmas Book Wishlist

Every year for Christmas our family makes a big deal about giving and receiving books. We are all big readers so to make it easier for everyone to know what to get each other we put together book lists. Sometimes these are books we have been wanting to read, sometimes they are beloved old books we want to reconnect with.

Stress and Cognition - You Can Change Your Day

A recent study from Penn State’s Center for Healthy Aging has shown that when people think about their day being stressful in the morning, before it even starts, they have negative impacts on their working memories. With a reduction in working memory people may be more prone to make mistakes as they do their work or studying, they may have a more difficult time focusing on tasks or conversations, and these can be amplified as we age and our cognitive performance levels naturally decline.

5 Ways To Love The Body You Have

There is a very strong connection between the body and the mind. We hear about it all of the time, there are books, articles, documentaries, entire disciplines devoted to teaching us about this connection and how to strengthen it. And yet, although this is seemingly common knowledge, many of us still struggle with a basic building block of a strong body/mind connection, loving the body we have.

9 Simple Steps to Successfully Reach Any Goal

It’s appropriate right now, as we are launching, to write about how to start anything out the right way. Since this is a fitness blog we will focus on fitness goals but this advice will work for anything.