• Health

    Weekly Blog Roundup – July 18, 2020

    This week was filled with tons of great content and we are really excited to share what we loved with you. My 63 Year-Old Mom Goes Keto, Ditches Sugar and Starts Fasting Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health sits down and talks with his mom who has been following a keto diet for about 3 weeks. The conversation between Mike…

  • Frugal Living

    27 Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

    I grew up in a way that most of my peers didn’t. My family was large and very poor. We lived in the country and raised most of our own food. We had a large garden, chickens for eggs and meat, hogs that we butchered, and we made almost everything from scratch. Our heat was a wood-burning stove and the…

  • Health

    Weekly Blog Roundup – July 11, 2020

    We’re bringing back our weekly blog round-up! It will be a small collection of posts, recipes, videos, and stories from around the internet that we loved throughout the week. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in! Why Obesity, Hunger, and Malnutrition are Found Together in the Same People Dr. Mark Hyman teams up with Chef Tom Colicchio to tackle…

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Foods That Fight Inflammation

    What is Inflammation? Inflammation is a word that has popped up more and more in health and fitness circles in recent years. We all know the tell-tale signs of inflammation when we are injured. The redness, heat, swelling, and pain of a sprained ankle, for example. What exactly is inflammation inside of your body? What effects does it have on…

  • Fitness

    Getting to 100 Push-Ups in a Row

    About 6 weeks ago I set out to get in the best shape of my life before my 45th birthday. One of my goals was getting to 100 push-ups in a row. Everything is going well enough but I hit a wall on my push up progression. The problem is that the training program I picked didn’t work for me.…

  • Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils
    Diet & Nutrition

    Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils

    Essential oils are all over the news, social media, and they have been in use for thousands of years. There is a lot of information out there about them, but much of it is incorrect or misleading. That is why we have decided to put together this comprehensive guide to essential oils.

  • It's OK to say no to self-improvement
    Personal Improvement

    It’s OK To Say No To Self-Improvement

    Like many people I have been binging on social media to stay connected. One thing I’m noticing is that my feeds are full of what I like to call self improvement porn. Almost every day some new exercise or self-learning app announces they are free. The pressure is really on to use this time productively to improve ourselves. It occurred…

  • Diet & Nutrition

    How To Eat Keto On A Budget

    Cost is a very common concern for anyone considering a switch to the keto diet. We hear it and see it on social media all the time. It makes sense to think that eating fewer carbs and more meat will be expensive. The truth is that you can eat keto on a budget and still have wonderful healthy meals. Let’s…

  • Fitness

    Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers for 2020

    Every year we put together a list featuring our favorite social media accounts for health and fitness news. The goal of these lists isn’t to give more exposure to high profile fitness celebrities and Instagram models. We want to shine the spotlight on real people who share incredible advice and inspiration through their social media accounts. Since we put out…

  • Fitness

    How To Start Running

    Have you ever thought about becoming a runner? I do all the time but it has taken me a long time to actually get started on it. I tried several times but I always ended up quitting for some reason or another. This time has been different for me and if you want to start running I can help.