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Mostly Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Recipes in Authentic Irish Fashion

St. Patrick’s day is coming up soon so my social media feeds are filling up with pictures of green food. I like normal foods dyed green just about as well as anybody but that isn’t what I think of when I think St. Patrick’s Day. My family has enough Irish on my Mom’s side that I tend towards more authentic Irish foods instead. So I wanted to put together a bunch of great healthy St. Patrick’s Day recipes that remind me of my Grandma’s cooking.

If you read my post about Eating with Joy, St. Patrick’s Day and the food that comes with it is my all-time favorite example of this.

I do want to warn you if you came here looking for healthy foods. Authentic Irish foods aren’t exactly low carb and aren’t really keto-friendly. I did try to put in enough variety that you can find something to fix your diet but it was really important to keep it real. For our Thanksgiving Dinner I know that we provided much more keto-friendly options, but for St. Patrick’s Day I really wanted the authenticity that I remembered from my childhood.

There are plenty of food blogs that take these kinds of food and reinterpret them in a healthier manner. Instead of including those recipes in this post I have linked to a bunch at the bottom. If you can’t find something on this list that will work for you hopefully you can on one of those lists. It may be difficult to find healthy St. Patrick’s Day recipes, but hopefully, we’ve made your search easier.

Breakfast Recipes

Lunch / Dinner Recipes

Irish Beef Stew

By Carrian & CadeFrom: Oh Sweet Basil
Twitter: @OhSweetBasil

Irish Side Dishes

Irish Boxty Bread

By Brook & Emma From: Savor The Flavor
Pinterest: @savortheflavor



By Donna From: Whole Food Bellies

Irish Desserts

I’ll admit the authentic goes out the window here. The apple crumb cake is authentic Irish but the rest is just fun and delicious and tries to address the need for healthy St. Patrick’s day recipes.

Irish Drinks

You didn’t think I would forget the drinks did you? This is St. Patrick’s day after all. When I started putting this together I expected there to be more drinks. However these two are the only ones I found that you need a recipe for. The rest you just buy at your local pub.

Thanks For Reading

Thanks so much for your time. If you enjoyed this or tried any of the recipes I would love to hear about it either on social media or in the comments below. Please take the time to visit the wonderful cooking blogs I linked to, they are all marvelous.

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We have put together a great list of healthy St. Patrick's Day recipes. We've included everything you need for a well-rounded meal including drinks!

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