I am the technical person behind OthFit.com. I write a little bit but most of my work is behind the scenes. I am working to get back in shape and reclaim some of the agility and strength I've lost to age and injury.

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Keto Diet Science: What is Ketosis

    You have probably heard about the ketogenic (keto) diet but you might not fully understand how it works. If so, don't feel bad, most people that I have talked to that aren't total health junkies don't understand it either. I am going to go into what ketosis is, what it isn't, smash some myths, and answer some common questions.

  • Personal Improvement

    9 Best Guided Mindfulness Meditations

    Mindfulness meditation is a great way to reduce stress, find inner peace, improve your mindfulness, and get a better nights sleep. One of the best ways to practice is with guided mindfulness meditation videos. In today's post I am sharing some of our favorites. I hope that you find them helpful in your practice.

  • Fitness

    The Best Shape of My Life In Just 50 Weeks

    Last Tuesday, August 27th, was my 44th birthday and by this time next year I will be in the best shape of my life. Right now I'm in pretty good shape, my career is doing better than I ever dreamed, I have a wonderful family. I don't want to brag but things are looking pretty great.

  • Personal Improvement

    Mindfulness Meditation For Inner Peace

    Our modern world is loud, busy, and stressful. It seems like everyone I know is tired and overworked. Studies have shown how stress affects every part of your life. We even wrote a bit about how it can affect brain cognition. Luckily there are several effective ways to relax. My favorite is mindfulness meditation for inner peace and I'm going…

  • Personal Improvement

    Ultimate List of Love Your Body Quotes

    If you follow us on Instagram or Pinterest you already know that I LOVE motivational quotes. Lately I have been working on self love and body acceptance for myself. Even though I have lost a lot of weight doing keto diet and strength training I'm not always happy with my body. Maybe you can relate?

  • Blogger Interviews

    Blogger Interview With Riley Adams

    Thanks for Your Time! As always, I really appreciate that you have taken the time to come and read our blogger interview with Riley Adams. From this interview and the little bit of his blog I’ve had a chance to read I feel like I have gotten to know Riley pretty well. I look forward to reading more and following…

  • Fitness

    Is Running Good For Weight Loss?

    I have no doubt that you have heard many times that if you really want to lose weight you need to start running. I have lost count of the number of well intentioned people who have given me exactly that advice. Still, have you ever stopped to find out if that age old advice is even true?

  • Fitness

    My Post Workout Routine

    I have been wanting to share my post-workout routine with you but I wanted to make sure that it still worked now that I'm 43. I have been using this routine pretty much exactly this way since high school athletics and I am very happy to say that it still works. The only thing I have changed is I added…

  • Fitness,  Health

    Foam Roller Buyers Guide

    A while ago I hurt my back and when I asked for treatment suggestions on Twitter both @Cynthia Thurlow and @LiftingSoulsFitness suggested foam rolling. Being new to foam rolling I started trying to research online. After several frustrating hours I decided that I needed to put together a good foam roller buyers guide.