I am the technical person behind OthFit.com. I write a little bit but most of my work is behind the scenes. I am working to get back in shape and reclaim some of the agility and strength I've lost to age and injury.

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    Natural Pain Remedies

    If you are anything like us your medicine cabinet is full of over the counter pain medicines. We love all of the wonderful things that modern medicine has for us and we take advantage of them every day. Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen have some well-known side effects that can be avoided by choosing more natural pain remedies.

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    Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers for 2019

    Is this even a health and fitness blog if we don't publish a top list of influencers? I don't think so. I couldn't just give you another rehashed list with the same people that have been on every list ever. If that's what you're looking for there are enough of those out there already.

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    Cardio Workouts That Aren’t Running

    If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I like to dream about becoming a runner. There are only two problems; my left knee tendinitis, my shin splints and I don't enjoy running. Ok, three problems. I don't know if you can relate but I still need to keep my cardio workouts going when…

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    Mute Nasal Dilators Review – Stop Snoring For Under $20

    I have something embarrassing to share. I snore. It wasn’t always bad but as long as I can remember I’ve snored. For the past 5 years or so Summer has been trying to get me to do something about it. Recently it has gotten so bad that I couldn’t ignore it any longer. That has now changed thanks to Mute…

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    How To Change A Bad Habit

    As I write this New Years Resolution season is in full swing and millions of people are trying to change one or more bad habits. As you probably know from experience most of these attempts will fail; trying to change a habit is difficult. There is hope however and I want to share what science says is the best way…

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    Best Yoga Channels For Beginners

    A lot of people are intimidated at the thought of learning yoga. I can totally relate because I was the same way a couple years ago. When you add in the anxiety of doing something new in a public class it is understandable why so many people never take up yoga. For this reason I wanted to share my favorite…

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    Running With Shin Splints

    Have you ever experienced shin splints while running? If you have then you know how painful and frustrating they are. Some people are lucky and only have some tightness and mild pain. Others, like me, have extreme pain that can make even walking nearly impossible.

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    2018 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide Roundup

    Do you know what it's like to struggle with good gift ideas? Trust me, it sucks. Now that almost everyone I buy for is an adult it's just getting harder. Luckily many of my friends and family are into fitness. That's why I LOVE when my favorite blogs put out their Christmas gift guide.