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Saying Goodbye To The Blogger Interview Series

For the past 5 months, we have been running a recurring blogger interview feature here on OthFit. Over that time we have published 13 blogger interviews and met some truly wonderful people. It is one of our most successful projects so far.

We have decided to put a hold on the feature at lucky #13. Honestly, we meant to stop at 10 but still had some great interviews that we wanted to publish. When we decided to start the featured blogger interviews we thought it would be a quick, fun way to give back while meeting fellow bloggers. In that respect, I can honestly say that our blogger interview series was a great success.

What I failed to take into account was how time-consuming the whole process would be. For every interview we published there were at least 2 that never made the cut. We tried to work with some of the bloggers to make necessary edits but we often ran out of time and had to scramble to get interviews published in time.

Blogger Interview Excerpt

As a way of saying thanks, I wanted to put together a short roundup of the top blog posts recommended in each blogger interview. I highly recommend that you read their whole interview. Each of them turned out great.

Emily Adams: The Planking Traveler

Top Blog Post: 10 Ways We Save Money For Travel. It’s my most comprehensive post about travel and I’m passionate about everyone having the opportunity to explore the world and want to share the strategies I use so people know that travel and adventure are completely within their reach!


Top Blog Post:  ‘Let’s talk about Masturbation’. It sparked some great conversations with both men and women, and I’ve had women message me saying they could relate and that for them too, masturbation was a very taboo topic growing up. I guess I want people with vulvas to feel comfortable with exploring their body, and that their pleasure is extremely important! But that it’s also okay not to masturbate or have sex; it’s all about the freedom of choice.  

Ali Quinn

Top Blog Post: (I somehow missed asking Ali this question so I’m picking my most recent favorite blog post.) Divine Intervention, Cheap Thrills, and Learning How To Heal | 25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years:

Victoria Sully

Top Blog Post: (I didn’t get a favorite blog post from Victoria either, I’m a bad interviewer) She has 4 blogs so please check them out,,,

Cynthia Thurlow

Top Blog Posts: I just believe in getting back to a more ancestral concept in living/eating/moving……so, this, in particular, is a blog post I’m proud of OR this one: (bc I get inquiries all the time about affordable ways to live healthfully)

Jes Dickerson

Top Blog Post: Burnout Recovery: 5 lessons I learned that can help you recover. I just wrote this but it’s so critical in today’s society. We are a bunch of overly busy, stressed people. So many people are burned out or teeter on the edge on the regular. This post is a culmination of all that I learned through my recovery, and it can help anyone that is dealing with a mountain of stress –which is basically everyone.

Chantal Steele

Top Blog Post: “10 Things To Try When Losing Weight Gets Tough” – This is my most popular post to date. I believe this is because realistically, we all struggle when it comes to weight loss. This post is relatable and actionable.

Amy Harbottle

Top Blog Post: Thankful for my struggle-Finding the good living with chronic illness. I wrote this post after reaching quite a significant part in my chronic illness journey, for want of a better word. I’m an optimist and while I don’t necessarily believe everything happens for a reason, I think we can see good in most situations. In this post, I discuss whether it’s possible to be thankful for something that has destroyed your life and if so how? It was a vulnerable piece for me to write and I think it lets the reader get a sense of who I am quite quickly.

Jordyn C

Top Blog Post: “Evie’s Law Continues the Fight for Discrimination-Free Organ Transplants“. I would recommend this blog post because it highlights the discrimination that people with disabilities are facing regarding organ transplant eligibility. In 80% of the country, it is legal for someone to deny a transplant for someone with down syndrome for example. In my research for this post, it shocked me, and I have a chronic illness!

Riley Adams

Top Blog Post: How to Pay Zero Tax on Passive Income. Part of being financially independent involves making smart money decisions including optimizing your tax strategy and making passive income streams to supplement your wage income. This post walks through some ways to take advantage of long-term capital gains rates which apply to certain types of passive income, resulting in no tax burden up to income limits.

Nathan Clarke

Top Blog Post: “How We Reached a Net Worth of $100,000 at Age 25“.  This post is a small sample of what I’m trying to with my blog as a whole. I want to show others that they can become wealthy by following the steps I’m taking and I can’t think of a better way to do that than to lead by example.

Melissa Blevins

Top Blog Post: Even though my Beachbody post is #1, I believe one of my most valuable posts details 76 Legit Ways to Make Money on the Side because I want to help people find ways to make more money and achieve their financial goals (without peddling shakes and/or makeup)

Robert Brinkman

Top Blog Post: I wrote a series on the Dakota Access Pipeline and included a variety of teaching resources. A link to the series is here.

Thank You All!

Looking back I am so thankful for everyone who took the time to participate in our blogger interview series. All of the interviews turned out great and I really enjoyed the process. Thank You!

I am the managing editor and co-owner of My goal is to motivate and inspire people to get healthy. I love to connect and make new friends online so feel free to say hi anytime.

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